Digestive Wellness Services

“A well functioning gut with healthy gut flora holds the roots of our health. And, just as a tree with sick roots is not going to thrive, the rest of the body cannot thrive without a well-functioning digestive system.”

Dr. Campbell-McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome

There is an epidemic of digestive illness in our country, one that is directly related to the foods we eat and the way we live.  If digestive conditions are affecting your life and you don’t know where to turn for help, I am here to encourage and tell you, it is possible to restore and heal your gut!

What?… How?…

Yes, it is possible!  I focus and promote natural and holistic approach to healing digestive issues.
By working together I will guide you to heal your particular digestive challenge. We’ll look at the root causes of your tummy discomforts and tailor a program just for you. I use traditional foods, herbs and only if it is necessary I recommend supplements.

How long?

There are not quick fixes… It depends of each individual and the digestive issue. In my experience, I have seen some great results within three weeks. The most important is to take the first step!
If you are having digestive issues take a step forward and let me know if I can help you to reclaim your digestive health so that you can have more energy, feel younger and find your purpose!
Schedule a complimentary 45-minute “Love Your Tummy” Breakthrough Session by contacting me via email (See form below). In this session we’ll  talk  about your goals and what has got in your way. You will get clarity on how to start your journey to a healthy digestion and discover if we are a good match.

contact me and let’s talk

Are you curious and would like to know more about how YOUR digestion is affecting your overall health?

There are few options for YOU!

◊ Nutri~Q Analysis and Follow-Up Session (Phone or Skype) ◊

Investment $85

What is the Nutri~Q?

The Nutri~Q is an online service that provides valuable information about your present Digestive Wellness and nutritional status. It is the first step to a healthier you!
How the Nutri~Q works?
The Nutri~Q is a questionnaire that consists of a series of questions that targets the digestive system, liver and gallbladder, small and large intestine, essential fatty acids, sugar handling and more!  Once completed, I will analyze the data and schedule a 30 minute follow-up consultation with you to discuss your results, answer your questions and give you my recommendations.


◊ Remote Nutritional Support Service (via email, phone or Skype) ◊

Available in one-hour blocks – Investment $80.00/hr. (Pre-Paid)

Would you like access to professional nutritional advise on the go?
Remote Nutritional Support Service can be used in 15-minute increments allowing you to “bank” unused credits for the future. This method gives you easy access to professional nutritional advice at any time you need it.

Making changes towards a  healthier digestion takes time. Then this is for YOU!

◊ Initial Nutritional Session 90 minutes Includes (In person, via phone or Skype) ◊

Investment $165

  • Nutri~Q assessment and analysis
  • Review of health history and existing conditions
  • Food journal review (3 days)
  • Goal setting and strategy plan
◊ Follow-Up single session for current clients only in person, phone or Skype  $85
Sessions are 60 minutes, and can be conducted in person, phone or Skype







  • heart-veggiesIn order for the body to be functioning optimally the digestive system needs to be working well
  • Eating nutrient dense foods (what I call healing foods) supports healthy digestion
  • A 28 Day Plan to begin healing the gut
  • A “lifestyle” based on healthy eating to nourish the body, mind and soul


Cancellation Policy
Less than 24 hours will be charge half of the consultation fee
No show will be charged the full consultation fee
Payment Methods
Cash, Check and Square accepted
Nutritional Therapy is NOT covered by any insurance plan.
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