Happy Clients!

“Digestive symptoms were resolved. I was on antacids for long time and my doctor never mentioned the side effects or if there were other options to solve my stomach issues. While working with Nina, I was able to solve my digestive problems and stop taking the antacids. My doctor was very surprised. In addition, I have no sugar cravings. I use to wake up every morning with headaches. Those have gone away by eating healthy fats and more protein and I have learned to regulate my blood sugar levels.”

Ruth, – Seattle, WA

“I feel great, more clear headed and energized. Since working with Nina, I am constantly aware of what I put in my body; even my dog gets the best natural foods and filtered water. It is amazing how the accumulation of small changes from eating habits to positive attitude can impact your entire body and mind. Thanks Nina!”

Natasha, – Seattle, WA

“I am much less bloated. I feel healthier. My stomach does not hurt like it use to.”

Jessie, – Bellevue, WA

“I feel like after working with Nina I am able to make more informed decisions about my nutrition. No more calorie counting! Just eat good nutritious foods and keep active.”

Nadia, – Seattle, WA

“Learn to use of healthy fats in my daily diet. Learn about high quality supplements. Limiting and weaning myself off sugar. No longer drinking coke every day. Addressing side effects of taking corticosteroids for years to control my asthma. Learn the importance of eating more protein.

I learned so much about nutrition and how to replace some of my “bad” habits with healthy ones…and still enjoy all kinds of wonderful food! Thanks!

Vivian, – Lake Forest, WA

Nina made me aware that the balance & timing of food intake was very important and that it was not such a sacrifice. After awhile it became very second nature of what to eat & during what time of the day.”

Emily, – Seattle, WA


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