Okaya Healings

When you want to find wholeness, I incorporate healing to guide you in tuning into yourself on a deeper level. These sessions assist you to let go of long-standing patterns of belief and behavior that are no longer serving you to grow and transform. You are more open than ever to release layers of accrued emotion, experiences, trauma and pain that can stand in the way of optimal health.
Okaya Healings are loving, safe and comfortable yet are a powerful and transformative type of healing. Every session offers a different experience, as you receive and release what you are ready to let go. Be assured everything is confidential.
The Process
Please note each healing session is different as the need of each client is unique
Prior to our session, I will spend 45 minutes to 1 hour meditating on you and receiving any information pertinent to your current life or a particular area you’d like me to focus. Sometimes I am guided to send you a custom blend herbal tea to take few days prior or after the session. When we meet in person, Skype or over the phone, I’ll be instructed to communicate orally what I am receiving like images or words. In closing the session, if in person, I might be guided to anoint with a particular essential oil, flower essence or wash feet with rose petals as a symbol of love and service.
 Okaya Healing Session
It includes:
Meditation prior to session – 45 minutes to 1 hour
In person, Skype or phone session – 45 minutes to 1 hour
One 10 minutes phone conversation before and after healing session
It does not include:
Herbal Tea and shipping
 Investment $147 payments made by cash or check
5% of ALL payments donated to charity
All Individual sessions can be in person, phone or Skype
Do you have a question ? Call me at 206-818-6929 or email me (See form below)