What is going on with Nina Torres?


I hope this message finds you rested and recharged after a busy holiday season.

I’d like to fill you in on what is going on with me and my nutrition business. After encountering many people with digestive problems (similar to my own) I decided to focus my efforts on digestive wellness.

Yes, you read correctly. I used to have digestive problems including leaky gut, allergies, water and weight gain. Eventually, these issues led me to pursue my studies in nutrition and a certification from The Nutritional Therapy Association. During my training I healed my gut by applying what I learned.

Now my mission is to educate and work with women that want to heal their digestive issues so they can have more vitality!

I want to share how my practice is evolving. So, if you have any digestive issues you know that I am a resource for you. You are not alone. Please know that with patience, perseverance, whole foods, life changes and a positive frame of mind you can heal your digestive tract. I am here to support you.

In Health,


P.S. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Email me Nina Torres to schedule a 30-minute complementary “Love Your Tummy” session. Let’s talk about your goals and what has been getting in your way. You will get clarity on how to start your journey to healthy digestion.

Learn more about the new 28 Days To Healthy Digestion And A New You Program , Classes and a Free eBOOK !


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