Jocotes, a fruit from the tropics.

I am in El Salvador visiting my family. It is wonderful to slow down and rediscover some of the fruits I grew up eating such as jocotes.

Jocote is native from the south of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the word derives from the Nahuatl word xocotl, meaning “sour fruit.”


They are small and round; the color starts green then as it ripens yellow and red. The redder they are, the juicier and sweeter it tastes. The flesh looks exactly like a mango and there’s a big seed in the middle. In fact to me, they are a mix between tiny mangoes and plums. Because the fruit is so small, you don’t get much flesh when eating it.

Jocote’s Health benefits

• High in dietary fiber

• Rich in Vitamin C

• Good source of vitamin A

• High in phosphorus, iron and calcium

• Prevents acid reflux

from the tropics,



2 thoughts on “Jocotes, a fruit from the tropics.

  1. I forgot about these! Last summer, I lived in a Costa Rican homestay for a few months, and my host family ate these all the time. If I can recall, however, we ate them unripened and dipped in salt! Much more of a mangos verdes girl myself, but hey.

    • Hi Rachel,
      Yes, jocotes can be eaten green with salt.
      Green jocotes leave a pasty taste in your mouth, still good but different from riped, juicy jocotes. Green Mangoes the best! Thank you for stopping by!
      Wishing you health and happiness,

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