Taste of Health & Inspiration

Come and join us! I’ll be speaking at 12:00 “Eating Well – A brief introduction to healthy eating.”

(Via Dena Marie)

We encourage you to give the gift of health, green, local and handmade for the holidays!
This event exists because of the beauty and experience that is created through giving useful artisan-made products, experiences and gift certificates from local businesses.
It is more meaningful to hand-select a locally made gift or service, after meeting the creator, than giving random “stuff” that may soon end up in a landfill.

By sharing and supporting each other’s talents, art and skills we create a community that allows us to grow as we give.
Come have fun, share in the beauty of our collective talents and buy holiday gifts.

Now is the time to purchas gifts of health, green, local and handmade for the holidays!

Shopping Responsibly Makes a Difference!

Lift Your Spirits – Taste of Health & Inspiration


2 thoughts on “Taste of Health & Inspiration

  1. I should start looking for events like this in my area on Long Island; this looks like it will be nothing but a quality time for all that attend:))

    • Hi there,

      Here is an idea for you, if you don’t find a similar event around your area, how about you create it!

      Thank you so much for stopping by NutriSpire and giving me a like. Looking forward to sharing and learning.

      Wishing you health and happiness,

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