The first step to a healthier you!

Would You Like to Have a Snapshot of Your Overall Health and Nutritional Status?

Here is your opportunity with the Nutri~Q

What is the Nutri~Q?

Nutri~Q is an online questionnaire that targets specific areas like the digestive system, essential fatty acids, mineral and vitamin needs, sugar handling and more! Once completed, I will analyze the data and schedule a 25 minute follow-up consultation with you to discuss your results, answer your questions and give you my recommendations.

Service includes: Nutri~Q questionnaire, professional nutritional analysis and a 25 minute (phone or Skype) follow-up consultation.

For a limited time only $59.00 (Reg. $80.00)

The first step to a healthier you!

Email Nina Torres, NTP or call 206-818-6929

Nina Torres is a Board Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner