Dementia is not a natural part of aging

By Nina Torres, NTP

Accordingly, to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) in 2010 the number of people living with dementia worldwide was estimated to be 35.6 million, expecting the number will nearly double every 20 years, reaching 65.7 million in 2030 and 115.4 million in 2050. The report released on April 11, 2012 notes, “Dementia is not a natural part of aging “and it calls for all countries to make this condition a health priority.

Let’s talk about some factors related to dementia and key nutrients that can reverse or retard this condition and why.

Good digestion is the most important factor in protecting against dementia. If the digestion system is compromised, we are not breaking down and absorbing nutrients that the body needs to function properly.

Another factor that can cause dementia is a lack of Vitamin B12. In fact, several journals suggest that Vitamin B12 deficiencies are often diagnosed as dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease. Some of the reasons for B12 deficiency include low red meat diets, gastric atrophy in the elderly and the use of acid lowering drugs, which reduced normal levels of hydrochloric acid and regulation of the enzymes necessary to make B12.

Other studies have shown that free radicals (oxidation) increases dementia. Oxidation is like fire. It is a necessary process but we must have antioxidants to keep it in control.

Where do we get antioxidants? The best sources are fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, D, E and minerals Zinc and Selenium.

High quality fish oil has been shown to have positive effects upon brain function. Healthy fatty acids provide the membranes for all our cells including “brain cells.” It makes sense to protect the cells that give us energy and life.

A factor that cannot be over-emphasized is the need to increase movement. Exercise is critical and anything that will keep us moving counts.

Remember we are not just talking about preventing disease we are talking about optimal brain function. And by shooting for optimal levels, we can prevent or retard unnatural aging and dementia. There is no doubt we are all going to age; but let’s do it as slowly and gracefully as possible.

Always consult your physician or clinician before using any supplements or to determine nutrient deficiencies.


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