The beginning

Welcome to NutriSpire, a source of news and information about holistic and alternative choices on nutrition, whole foods, health and well-being.

My name is Nina Torres.  I live in Seattle Washington and I am a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (NTP) and the owner of NutriSpire.  After many years in the fashion industry, I decided to pursue my love for nutrition, health and well-being.  I strive to empower people with the knowledge of the best healthy choices for their individuality.  We are all different and one program does not work for everyone.

There is a lot of mis-information out there.  It is often overwhelming where to begin.  I see people everyday confused with how or what to eat, what type of diet is best for them and who should they listen to.

I believe in the following principles:

  • Food should be fun and an enjoyable experience. Food should be whole, nutritious, and taste delicious.  Tasty food does not equal unhealthy, on the contrary, whole foods are delicious and healing.
  • Eating is about nourishment not deprivation.  Our society has a love and hate relationship with food.  We feel guilty if we eat whole foods or good fats examples of good fats are:  whole milk, eggs, coconut and palm oils.  Eating whole and unprocessed foods are the key to healthy eating.
  • We are what we eat.  This is an old but true saying. Make smart choices and keep foods simple.  If your grandmother cannot pronounce the ingredients stay away from them.
  • Our physical body is only one part of who we are. We are whole people nourished by much more than just the food we eat.  Our lives are complex and we are nourished by food, relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality.  The challenges we face influences our behavior and food choices.
  • Every one of us is unique.  You might hear me say often “no one diet works for everyone”.  All of us have a bio-individuality and an innate instinct that we need to respect in order to keep our body in balance.

Once again, welcome to NutriSpire.  Reader I hope you come back and visit, comments and contributions are both welcome and appreciated.  I would love to hear from you and guide you to a healthier life style.

In health


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